About the Blog

Greenwaldmom.com is a blog about one mom’s thoughts, personal experiences, and opinions on marriage, relationships, motherhood, step-parenting, and loving oneself. Secretly (or maybe it’s not such a secret ;)) this blog is mostly about the blogger, me, Taylor Greenwald. Filled with dreams, advice, tips, great projects, awesome round-up lists, and plenty more, my biggest hope for greenwaldmom.com is that you come and read, leaving with happy and creative, inspired thoughts. Thanks for visiting!

-Greenwald Mom


About the Blogger

 <– That’s me, Taylor. The photo was taken by my three year old so it’s a bit blurry, but she’s quite the photographer.  😉 I am a Christian, wife, mom, step-mom, sister, daughter, and friend. My husband and I are 14 years apart, so I have the greatest blessing of raising kids of all ages. Seriously, infant to teen all under one roof every other weekend.

My husband describes me as a warrior, which feels like a pretty accurate description of me, but I personally like to think of myself as a servant; not a derogatory term, but a loving one. I am a musician, a lover of all crafts, a reader, a writer, and a happy, optimistic woman.

My biggest hope as a writer is to tell my story with the hope that others find healing and happiness in their own stories. Thanks for reading. -Tay