How To Organize Your SAHM Life (Week One)

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I know I’m not alone in wishing for better time management skills.

Which brings me to my new weekly blog series for the unorganized SAHMs like myself.

I hope to journey with you in learning time management skills by setting and achieving new goals each week! I’ve got to be honest, having a weekly blog series is going to be tough on me because I suck at organizing anything at this point in my life. So please be patient and gracious as we begin this series together. Also, feel free to contact me for encouragement, questions, prayer, and/or just to chat. I’d love to connect with the awesome moms reading my blog.

As I mentioned before, time management is not a strength of mine.

But after years of feeling defeated -over and over again- for failing countless strategies created by others, I’ve decided that it’s time to find my own way of doing things.

Speaking as a SAHM, it seems like there isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done. Especially with two little girls that need my love, guidance, and attention on standby. But there is no more time for excuses and lack of discipline. Scripture calls us to be diligent and organized. So let it be. It’s not going to come easy to those of us -talking about myself here- who have tried and given up due to frustration or confidence. But with much prayer and discipline, I know we can do it!

Philippians 4:13 – I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

We are women of God, and once we really know this as truth, He will be our strength and our motivation to press on no matter how many times we fail! So I encourage you, mamas, accept His new mercies every morning and try, try again!


First and foremost, sit down and write out all of the monotonous tasks that you do every day, week, and month. (Or ones that you have been wanting to do!) This isn’t going to look the same for all of us, but if you’re unsure of what this means, here is my list of monotony: weekly bills & budget, daily home-school schedule, weekly meal planning, house cleaning duties, blogging, and online money making opportunities.

Secondly, write out things that aren’t chores, but moments of pure joy, to fill in the gaps of your already busy schedule. For me it would be weekly/biweekly play-dates for my girls, weekly date night -in or out of the house- with my hubby, and daily, weekly, & monthly mama “me” time. Of course the chores are important, but there is nothing more important than building a foundation with/for your family.

Third, once you’ve written all of these out, take time this week to create a schedule for each of them. Next week I will share with you what that looks like for my family, and then moving forward we will talk about each of these topics individually.

I’m so excited to begin this series with you! Don’t forget to subscribe for weekly organization goals!

-Taylor Greenwald

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2 thoughts on “How To Organize Your SAHM Life (Week One)

  1. I love the honesty Taylor! I feel so unorganized even though I have a planner, command center, and calendar! It’s more getting the blah tasks done that I don’t want to do! I’ve started to write 2 blog posts a week and it’s been tricky with 3 kids but sacrificing sleep time has kept me on track! I hope you get your flow and I love how you suggested too put in fun moments in your planner. I will so do this from now on!

    1. Thanks for reading Amanda! I too have a planner, command center, and calendar! And they all have to be visible all hours of the day or I won’t get anything done. You are awesome for two posts a week with three kids! You go girl! <3 I'm so glad you could take something away from this post, and I hope you're able to schedule that quality time! 🙂

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