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10 Must Haves Items For Your Newborn

*This post contains affiliate links, which means that I may collect a small commission on items you purchase with no extra cost to you. But I only recommend products that I truly love!

I’m not sure why I haven’t mentioned it, but I’m due for baby girl number three in less than a month.

And this sense of urgency came over me today. I’m official nesting. And totally freaking out!

Besides thinking about how my husband and I are going to raise three little girls, I can’t help but think about how not ready we are. Three girls under one roof. How will we handle the teen years.. Lord, help us! But we have been so busy with life lately that we haven’t even prepared for her arrival! So I’m assuming you can understand my sense of urgency. Oops. And ahhhhhhhhh!!!

I spent the entire morning going through all of the girl’s clothes to make room for the new baby. I tried going through old clothes too. (Because who doesn’t love hand-me-downs.) But I quickly discovered that I got rid of all of the old clothes when we decided to not have another baby. Again, oops. The lack of clothes for new baby made me realize that we don’t have the essentials yet. What have we been doing for nine months?!!

Oh yeah, raising two other little girls. Of course we’ve been busy!

1. Onesies out the wazoo!

Because babies are super cute, but also super gross. They vomit on their clothes, their creases, their moms, the floor, and pretty much everywhere. Not to mention the fact that their poop doesn’t always stay in the diaper. Ewwwww. I recommend buying more than one pack because or buying a huge pack like this 15 Piece, 3 Different Sizes Set from Amazon. Not only is it a great deal, but white matches everything. Win, win!

2. The obvious, diapers and wipes.

This time around, I am going to attempt cloth diapers. Some people tell me good luck while others cheer me on! I’ve found that motherhood is like a high school. We feed, educate, and provide relationships for our kids and then there are “clicks” within motherhood. Cloth diaper moms happen to be a click. But when you find a click that suits you, it’s encouraging and refreshing. (And that was so off topic, but I felt like it was worth mentioning.) Anyway, if you decide to try out cloth diapers like myself, I recommend just buying a few from ALVABABY through Amazon. (Especially if you’re a prime member.) If cloth diapers happen to not be your thing, just buy disposables and be happy you didn’t spend a ton of money on poop rags.

3. I know I’m being totally obvious again, but something for baby to sleep in.

Some moms co-sleep, but my bed is for my marriage. Once baby starts sleeping through the night, she moves into her own space in our room- for a few more months. Two great crib alternatives are a bassinet or a Pack ‘n Play. Personally, I recommend a Pack ‘n Play over a bassinet because of the convenience and the use you will get out of it! Once they are in a crib, you can use it as a nap time spot, a play pen, a safe place, a time out spot, or whatever your imomination can come up with! I had a friend that converted hers into a toddler bed by cutting out the net on one side and putting in a mattress. Genius!

4. Breast pump and bottles.

When I breastfed my first two, I went all boob and no bottle. Sort of. We tried the bottles, but they didn’t cooperate. So this option may not be for you. If you’re adamant on strictly breastfeeding, welcome to the breastfeeding moms click! I too am adamant on exclusive breastfeeding, but I still used a pump. There are some awesome electric double breast pumps available today, but if you’re only pumping to relieve pressure then I suggest you keep it simple with a manual breast pump. Don’t forget the breastmilk storage bags for back up.

5. Baby swing.

Okay so this isn’t a necessity, but it is very helpful. It’s almost like having an extra set of hands, which every mom pretty much wishes for. You can get a portable swing or a super cool swing and bouncer combo. Whatever floats your boat, mama!

6. Breast pads for leaky boobs.

And back to point number 4, if you’re breastfeeding….your boobs will leak, especially at night. And it kinda sucks. But luckily, some smart human being created breast pads for leaky mamas. You’ll probably still leak in them a few times if you’re trying to use them as much as they can handle. So I suggest putting on fresh pads for every “out of the house” moment. Or just pack extras in your baby bag.

7. Diaper bag.

Let me first say that I didn’t use a diaper bag. I used a small backpack for the first few years, but it seems like the more kids you have, the bigger the space you’ll need. Go figure. Anyway, I’m sure there are really cute bags you can find online or in stores. Pick one with mama and baby in mind!

8. Baby carrier.

Mamas, there are so many options out there for being hands free with your baby. But I highly recommend the Moby Wrap Carrier! I used it for my first two girls and they loved it! It takes a little time to get used to, but once you figure it out…it’s the best! Baby feels close to mama, mama feels close to baby, and you can get all your mama duties done!

9. Stroller and car seat!

Again, I know I’m being totally obvious. But you need the car seat before you have baby anyway. And if you’re like me and you feel the need to get out of the house, do yourself a favor and get a stroller and car seat combo. Yes, there are plenty of stroller/car seat combos out there, but if you plan on getting in shape after baby’s arrival…try out a jogging stroller. They really are worth the money. Having the one wheel feature in the front really helps with turning and steering when running, or walking if running isn’t your thing.

10. Burp cloths and swaddles.

Like I said before, babies can be gross. Whether you breastfeed or bottle feed, your baby will vomit. It’s inevitable, and you will literally smell like vomit all day! But then baby “coos” and it smelling like vomit just seems worth it. <3 Also, my babies loved being swaddled. Some parents don’t like the swaddle, but I find peace in having a quiet, comfortable baby in my home. I’m sure you can find some great deals on Amazon!

Overall, welcoming a new baby can be overwhelming and expensive (sometimes.) But no matter what you buy, the biggest thing your baby will need is unconditional love from mama and daddy. Being a first time mom, or a mom to a newborn with littles, can be overwhelming also. But I pray you find peace, love, sweetness, and all things happy with your newest bundle of joy!

– Taylor Greenwald

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