To the Teenage Girl With an Absent Father

If I were speaking to my teenage self…

You should know that you are loved.

And you are worth more than precious gold.

Though your father should have been your first love, he wasn’t. But that’s okay. Because the lonely, aching-for-love feeling will go away.

Someday a good man will love you just as much as you love him. I don’t say this so you will go out looking for him. Because he will come to you when the time is right.. However long that may be, love never fails.

I know it hurts now, the lonely feeling, but when you grow into an independent woman…you’ll look back on these teenage years as though they were baby steps leading you to who you truly are. And you will be thankful.

Because you will finally realize that your father’s absence does not define you.

You are beautiful, and wonderful, and worth the wait.

You will rise from your painful upbringing into a life full of hope, love, and happiness.

Your life will be filled possibly overflowing- with people who truly care for you.

I can’t promise that the sting of rejection won’t ever come to surface, but I can promise that it will become easier to deal with.

You will experience heartbreak, failure, embarrassment, loneliness, and much more. But all of this makes you just as human as those around you.

Don’t fall into the peer pressure and dab like the rest of them. For the sake of your happiness, be true to yourself and love who you are. Because you deserve it.

In the words of Matshona Dhliwayo, “Dance to the beat of your own drum; whether the world likes your rhythmic movements or not.”

-Taylor Greenwald


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