15 Ways For the SAHM to Make Money Offline

One disadvantage of being a SAHM means no personal income. I know.. the toughest job in the world and no income. Go figure. But just because there is no income, it shouldn’t deter you from being a SAHM. There are many reasons to stay home with your babies. You could catch up on all of your favorite t.v. shows. Or read…

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To Whom It May Concern

To the Teenage Girl With an Absent Father

If I were speaking to my teenage self… You should know that you are loved. And you are worth more than precious gold. Though your father should have been your first love, he wasn’t. But that’s okay. Because the lonely, aching-for-love feeling will go away. Someday a good man will love you just as much as you love him. I don’t say…

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5 Tips for Getting Involved With Someone Who Has Kids

Loving someone with kids requires mindfulness. There are more than two hearts involved. Being a step-parent is a tough, yet rewarding role to fill in a child’s life. Tough because of the roller coaster of emotions; rewarding because of the love you will receive. We all know that falling in love is a magical time in one’s life. It’s exciting…

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